Company Information

We are an international web development and research company working with a many different customers from around the world. Formally based in Sweden we have now called the World Wide Web our home since we based in so many different countries.

Blue Berry Support was named after the little blue berry that grows in the forest of Sweden and is full with vitamins. We see ourselves as a small part of company but a very important one. You can have a big company with loads of traffic but what are one millions visitors and no sale? We are experts in customer care and from that we learned what the customers really want and we can show that to you. Besides Swedish, English we also speak Googlish and we like words like Pagerank, Serp and SEO.

Our Values

Our Partners
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Customer Service
Doing customer service online do not have to be expensive and complicated, let us show you how you can get affordable customer support software.
Make Money Online
When you got the customers on your site you need to make money from them. What good is a visit if they not buy anything? Let us show you how to make money online.
Search Engine Marketing
To be number one on Google or Bing does not have to be complicated let us show you some simple efficient SEO that can help you reach your goals.
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